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Our Vision

It has been nearly 20 years of trials and tribulations as Homoeopaths. We together cherish a dream to make Homoeopathic treatment available to patients with the principles of 'rapid gentle healing' as our guiding motto. Having studied Homoeopathy in theory and practiced it with a fair amount of success to arrive at a stage where today we are convinced and strongly believe to profess that Homoeopathy is 'Divine'. It is a medical science to be practiced as a healing art.

We believe Homoeopathy is thorough, complete and all encompassing. It considers not only the physical aspect of the disease, but also correlates it with the mental aspect. Disease evolves from the mind and manifests on the body. We need to insightfully deal with this disease that corrupts the mind, will and intellect of the patient. 

Homoeopathy links the mind, body and soul – the core of the individual. A medical science that needs to be practiced as an art. Art is individualistic and intangible. It needs to be ‘felt’ and experienced. It connects with the ‘soul’ of the individual. Here is where the ‘divine’ feature comes into being. 

What is Homoeopathy?

In Homoeopathic literature it is written, ‘Homoeopathy is a Divine science’. In Aphorism no. 9, Organon of Medicine, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann has mentioned, ‘…the spiritual vital force…’

There is a gentle and subtle presence of the Almighty that helps to connect with the patient and allow him to rouse the inner healing power that lies within him with the correct remedy of the correct potency and dosage, thus lead him to heal. Homoeopathy strikes at the core of the individual, his soul. Once this soul is in harmony with the soul of the remedy, no matter what is the manifestation of the disease, there is a reverse process that is initiated from the dis-ease to ease. 

We physicians at GraceHealing Homoeopathy strive to put our patient first and pave the path to recovery to best of our abilities. The foremost duty as a Homoeopath is to treat the disease that is tormenting the patient beyond the physical level - to perceive this distress at his mental level. We physicians are just a via media to deliver the dose to the patient that touches his ‘soul’ to arouse his inner healing power and heal him. This is what we call the similimum. 

Hurray! Homoeopathy. Salute to Master Dr. Samuel Hahanemann – The Father of Homoeopathy. 

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