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Skin Diseases – Psoriasis treated by GraceHealing Homoeopathy

Psoriasis is a non-contiguous skin disease. The most common form, plaque Psoriasis, appears as raised, red patches or lesions covered with a silvery white buildup of dead skin cells, called scale. This is non-infectious disease of skin, characterized by well-marked red lesions which are dry with silvery white scaling becoming obvious only after scraping. Condition is characterized by exacerbations remissions. It can be associated with nail changes like thickening, thimble pitting, involvement of finger joints occasionally severe systemic effect like fever chills.
Commonest site involved is elbows, knees and lower back. Other sites which are prone to be affected are scalp – marked scaling with lumpiness, nails, all over the body, palms and soles.

Causes of Psoriasis

Skin is made up of two layers that is upper layer called epidermis and lower or inner layer called dermis. In healthy individuals epidermal cells on skin are continuously shed off and replaced by new layer of cells. The cells of the lower most layer of epidermis called keratinocytes gradually mature as soft mature cells as they rise from lower layer to upper layer to become the most superficial layer of cells. This process takes around 28 days and it is slow, insidious and almost inconspicuous as dead cells are efficiently cleared off and no debris is seen. In Psoriasis regeneration of cells of epidermal layer is abnormally accelerated. It takes only 5-6 days instead of 28days for the keratinocytes to travel the distance from the lowermost layer to become the uppermost layer. In the process these cells do not mature in such a short time and remain immature hard and scaly. Before the superficial layer is shed off cleared new layer of immature and ill-formed cells is laid. This results in piling up of scales and thickening of skin. Moreover, in order to maintain such an increased production of cells, demand for blood other constituents for cell manufacture at that site is markedly increased. The blood circulation to that area is increased manifold leading to congestion, redness of skin. Thus a psoritic patch is formed. The symptoms of the disease are not the disease as such. The symptoms of the disease are the inadequate effort of immune system to throw away the disease. Conventional medicine usually suppresses the immune system for some time but allows the disease to progress freely inside. When this disease goes untreated, it recurs more adversely. Again a strong but inadequate effort by the immune system is made. However, it reappears affecting larger areas with more intensity.
The repeated assault on the immune system breaks down the normal functioning and causes damage to vital organs of the body.

At GraceHealing Homoeopathy we understand Psoriasis

Thought process is a continual mental activity or exercise that keeps going on in our minds. We sense, we feel, we understand, we express some of our thoughts and some we hold back. We are able to get out our emotional load, outside the body by speaking or by physically taking it out. There are situations when this elimination is hampered and the body is not able to expel its thoughts, neither mentally nor physically. The thought processes are usually linked with emotions. Emotions are very potent. This triggers the body into a state of instability, disharmony. This gets accumulated in the body, thereby different physiological processes are stimulated. Due to these thought processes, a time comes, depending upon the immunity of a particular individual and its miasmatic evolution, when the emotional load becomes more than the body can handle and such processes come out in the form of bodily eliminations, one such is multiplication of skin cells. Similar to the multiplication of thought processes, the body tries to vent its emotional garbage by causing excessive multiplication of cells. This depends on lot of other factors – internal and external. So while treating a case of psoriasis we have to look for those conditions in the history of patient where the thought processes have been suppressed, not been able to express the emotions. Though the mind and the body try to compensate, by multiplying the cells, in such cases we inquire about such symptoms
during the various aspects of the individual’s life from birth until the time he started showing symptoms of the disease. This way the body and mind correlate and we can arrive at the similimum – the specific remedy.

For example:

If a person is living in a joint family, he/ she has to compensate, a lot of emotional sacrifice is undergone in order to make peace in the family. In doing so, he/ she has to suppress the desires and emotions for the well being of the family. An uncle is very strict and the patient has fear of him. So stays silent and does not speak out freely. At the work place the patient’s boss is very demanding. He/ she can’t adjust in that atmosphere but
can’t give up the job. Compromises and carries on. In all such examples and several other similar lives’ situations compel us to compromise. The mind is forced to suppress its feelings until a threshold is reached. At this point of time (depending on the dominant miasm) the body breaks open and the somatic symptoms start – multiplication of cells uncontrolled. This leads to psoriasis. Hence, during case taking in psoriasis we have to look for situations in which the patient wanted to but was not able to express his/ her emotions, views, opinions. Feels frustrated. We have noticed individuals who are very cheerful, extrovert and social tend to have more suppressive symptoms than
the other personality types. This aids in reaching the similimum.

At GraceHealing Homoeopathy we not only treat Psoriasis but also prevent the relapses permanently. Homoeopathic medicines help to strengthen the immune system to initiate a stronger and adequate response to overthrow the disease. That is the reason why after proper regular medication and follow ups, adhering to the dos and don’ts as advised, patients are relieved of the nagging skin irritation, scaling and itching. There is a mental calmness that sets in. the feeling of embarrassment gives way to confidence. As per the Homoeopathic method of treatment, there is an increase in the existing disease condition called ‘aggravation’. This isfollowed by permanent freedom from the disease. The symptoms of the past diseases and conditions the patient has suffered from come back. This reveals that those diseases were not treated but suppressed; when treated with Homoeopathy health is restored. In psoriasis the abnormal behavior of “T” cells becomes normal resulting in no further relapse of the disease.



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