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A fat produced by the liver is known as Cholesterol. It is essential for regular body mechanism. High Cholesterol is a metabolic imbalance state that can further become a reason for various health problems like fatal cardiovascular disease, heart attack and body dysfunction.

Some of the common causes of high cholesterol are:

  • Unhealthy and Imbalanced diet
  • Surplus of Alcohol drinking
  • Smoking
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Overweight

The coronary artery disorder is the leading cause of death in case of both men & women. The deposition of plaque (waxy substance) in the artery narrow the walls considerably; thus resulting into an arterial blockage. It can diminish the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart. A discomfort & painful condition arises causing chest pain (angina) which may lead to a heart attack or fatality in a patient.

Grace Healing Homeopathy offers consultancy services about its homeopathy treatments in which the expert doctors & consultants make the patients aware about the needs, effectiveness, risks involved and other important information regarding the following cases:

Coronary artery blockage treatment in Nagpur

Heart blockage treatment in Nagpur

High Cholesterol treatment in Nagpur

The person suffering from these diseases must have sufficient knowledge about the disease and how it can be treated well. In most of the cases, the doctors fail to provide the complete overview to the patients about the recommended procedure because of their tight schedules. The insufficient knowledge and other medical terms results in the confusion for the patients. Our well-qualified & experienced homeopathic doctors always provide personal attention so that they can attend and treat every individual in a satisfied manner.

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