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Kidney Diseases treated by GraceHealing Homoeopathy

Grace Healing Homoeopathy treats kidney diseases with a single remedy that matches the patient’s constitution. The doctors at GraceHealing Homoeopathy make a thorough inquiry of the case – right from birth until the present to trace the cause of the disease. Accordingly the laboratory reports, investigations are studied along with the presenting symptoms. They are noted down in our customized program for patient entry and patient analysis. Then ‘rubricated’, ‘Repertorized’ systematically to narrow down on similar remedies. The selection of the specific remedy finally depends on this wide range of variables. We include not just the patient’s physical symptoms also the patient’s personality, daily routine, job satisfaction, preferences, family background, friends, hobbies etc.

Homoeopathy is very individualistic. One remedy that suits one patient does not necessarily match another who apparently comes to us with the same disease per se. So every case is unique in its presentation and study. We devote as much time to each case so that nothing is left to be considered while selecting the remedy. This takes time, effort, sincerity and passion to treat each case as our first, one of its kind. We are obliged to our patients for being patient through the course of treatment. Their support and confidence in us boosts us to achieve gentle, thorough cure.

For the interest of our readers we have summarized a few remedies that treat the general condition of renal diseases. The remedies that treat kidney ailments vary depending on the patient and the conditions associated with the remedy. However, there are some common remedies that Homoeopathic doctors often use because the remedies’ rubrics address cardinal symptoms of kidney failure. The following are some of the common remedies and the rubrics they cover that are associated with kidney failure:

Ammonium carb: frequent and painful urination, white, bloody, scanty, turbid or fetid urine, mental sluggishness and fatigue
Apis mel: general edema or swelling, kidney inflammation and suppression of urine
Arsenic alb: difficult urination, uremia, nephritis, scanty and burning or involuntary urination
Aurum met: painful retention of urine and urine with mucous like sediment
Belladonna: inflamed kidneys
Berberis vul: hypertension, renal (kidney) stones, dark yellow or green urine and neuralgic pain coming from the kidneys
Cannabis ind: urinary tract infections
Cantharsis: tenderness in kidney areas, renal colic and nephritis (kidney inflammation)
Chelidonium: frequent night urination, copious urination and pale white urine
Cicuta v: frequent urination, forceful urination, retention of urine and convulsions
Colocynthis: cramping in the kidneys
Cuprum ars: poor kidney function, painful urination and discolored urine
Cuprum met: bed-wetting, suppression of urine, clear watery urine, frequent urination of fetid, viscid urine and shooting pain in the urethra
Glonoine: frequent night urination and kidney inflammation
Helonia: kidney inflammation, albumenous (white) urine, anemia, irritability and dullness
Juniper: water retention and heaviness in the kidney region
Kali carb: kidney stones, and it is general remedy for diseases of the kidneys

These symptoms should make the patient aware of his condition and consult the physician as soon as possible to arrest further damage of the kidneys. The sooner the condition is treated the better are the chances of recovery. Kidneys are vital for the removal of toxins from the body. Proper management of the disease condition, regular follow ups and investigations, proper diet are imperative for a healthy life.

All stages of kidney disease can benefit from Homoeopathic treatment, even the last stage kidney failure when dialysis is imminent. Homoeopathic medicines benefit after a kidney transplant by decreasing the chances of donor rejection. Depending on the severity of the kidney failure, Homoeopathic medicines can promote kidney repair. This means that successful treatment of kidney failure with Homoeopathy can eliminate the need for the lifelong treatment that conventional medicine requires.

The cost of Homoeopathic treatment is only a fraction of the cost incurred otherwise. This makes Homoeopathy a viable choice in treating kidney disease, singly or in conjunction with conventional medicine.


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