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Patient’s Testimonials

“I was suffering from cauda equina syndrome. I could not walk, and all my activities were hampered. I had a fear of being sacked from my job. I tried lots of therapies but nothing gave me complete relief. I contacted Dr. Sab through my friend in Jabalpur who had a problem of cord compression and had benefitted from Dr. Abdequaem’s treatment. I was also operated but no relief. For the past few span I am taking treatment from Dr. Abdequaem and I am feeling much better.”
- Sumi Bose
“I was suffering from coronary artery disease. The left artery was completely blocked, the right artery was blocked. I was advised coronary artery bypass graft. As I could not afford the costly treatment, one of my friends told me to try Homoeopathy. I knew Dr. Abdequeam was treating heart patients. I went to him and to my surprise in a short span of time my symptoms of breathlessness were much better. After regular follow ups in treatment my next angiography showed the left coronary artery block totally treated. My cholesterol also came in control. Today after so many years too I have no complaints of heart trouble.”
- Deepak Chahande | Nagpur
“I was suffering from chronic acidity; even on slightest and simplest food I got vomiting, burning, could not sleep, could not eat properly. I used to get angry very easily. I cast away lot of weight. I took lot of antacids, giving me temporary relief. But, now after Homoeopathic treatment I am seeing the change!”
- Mrs. Vijayalaxmi | Hyderabad
“I was suffering from glaucoma and had severe heaviness in the eyes. The pressure of Left eye and Right eye was very low. Actually I didn’t believe in Homoeopathy. But, my family convinced me to go for it. The pressure came in control. The ophthalmologist was surprised and told me to continue the treatment. After continuing the treatment the pressure is maintained and I feel absolutely treated and fresh. Thanks to my doctor for saving my eyes and vision. This has reinstated my faith in Homoeopathy.”
- A Teacher | Nagpur
“I was suffering from carotid artery block with symptoms of syncope, vertigo, dizziness, headache. I was advised to operate but, I opted for Homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Abdequaem, after a lot of thought. A few term later, gradually my symptoms subsided and today I am much healthier!. I thank doctor for his sincere and honest treatment.”
- Mrs. Khera | Nagpur
“I was suffering from migraine since my childhood. I had episodes of half side headache with vomiting. I was taking painkillers with only temporary relief. I could not concentrate on my job. But, now I am on the treatment. I am feeling good with very few and bearable symptoms of headache. In spite of it I can do my job with concentration and now I can teach my students for long hours without any pain. What more, I do justice to my job as a teacher!”
- Mrs. Anita Shukla | Orissa
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