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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment In Nagpur

Liver is an essential part of the human body that is responsible for performing various critical functions such as clotting essential proteins, removal of harmful & toxic substance (like drugs) from the body, helps in regulating the supply of glucose and lipids in the body. In order to perform these functions properly, normal working of liver cells is required and the liver cells must have a close proximity to the blood.

Cirrhosis is a complex liver disease which involves the replacement of normal liver tissues by fibrous tissues. This disease takes place when the liver cells are affected by the certain causative factors for long period of time. There can be different causes for liver cirrhosis like infections, heredity, viruses, hepatitis B and C, autoimmunity etc. Excessive alcohol consumption is the most common reason for this disorder.

The symptoms of liver cirrhosis are jaundice, anaemia, weakness, itching, haemorrhages from body, liver and spleen enlargement, loss of appetite, portal hypertension, ascites, fatigue, digestive complaints etc.

Cirrhosis can be diagnosed by physical examination, blood tests and liver biopsy. Grace Healing Homeopathy is providing liver cirrhosis treatment in Nagpur. With the help of homeopathic medicine and treatment, we treat the complications of cirrhosis and prevent the further damage to the liver.

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