Homoeopathy for General Well-being

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Homoeopathy is an individualistic medical science.

We Homeopaths take case history which varies from patient to patient.

We investigate not only the patient’s main ailment/ chief complaints (the reason why you seek treatment) in great detail, but also areas such as sleep, diet, personal and family medical history, areas of the patient’s life that may be stressful or experiencing difficulties with; emotional states and mental make up. The patient may also be required to get prescribed investigations/ tests.

We consider the patient as an individual right from childhood; and in pediatric cases right from the mother’s history during pregnancy, the kind of stress she experienced during pregnancy. We study deeply the impact of the mother’s stress on the foetus and assess the immune status of the infant as per the emotional turmoil experienced by the mother during pregnancy.

All these aspects of case taking help us to identify the individuality of the patient.

Initial consultations can be lengthy lasting up to 60 minutes or more depending on time required to clarify important points and/or add additional information necessary to help us provide an appropriate personalized Homeopathic treatment plan. Once all information has been taken and thoroughly studied, Homeopathic medicine is prescribed. Due to the amount of information and complexity of the case, it is often necessary to spend time reviewing, analyzing and studying the case, to conclude on the optimal treatment.

Being able to make an informed choice about treatment options is an important aspect of the journey towards health and well being.
Homeopathic remedies are usually administered in the form of pills, powder or diluted as a liquid remedy. Clear instructions on the administration of remedies is provided.

In certain instances, if deemed necessary, advice on nutrition and lifestyle will be provided.

Homoeopathy therapy needs regular Follow up to keep the doctor updated about the development of symptoms during the course/ duration of the treatment. It helps to assess the response to the Homeopathic remedy and to prescribe further, as needed, especially after the initial consultation. This ensures continuity, proper management and helps to resolve the disease/ disorder completely. A follow up consultation is typically suggested 4 weeks after the initial appointment. However, this may be brought forward depending on the case.

Depending on the chronicity of a condition several pre-planned follow ups may be suggested. Length of treatment depends on the nature and duration (chronicity) of the patient’s condition, and on occasion, on the quantity of medication administered.

Homeopathic medicines do not create dependency. They aim to help you live to your fullest capacity by increasing your general level of health and strengthening your immune system. When this is achieved and symptoms improved, treatment can be discontinued. Often treatment does not aim to heal at once but instead by reflecting the analysis of a case, prescribes progressively most appropriate remedies over a period of time, until a general state of homeostasis is attained.

Homeopathy works, but in order to be effective, requires a genuine commitment to treatment and time to allow it to show its results – acute and chronic disease. The body needs time to heal.
Hence, it is important, especially in chronic disease, that the remedy is allowed to act, so that healing and re-balance of the energetic pattern that is creating the symptom or illness in the sick person takes place. The time, effort and results are so worth it!

Homoeopathy will allow you to take power over your own health.


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