January ’24 Webinar

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Dive into the world of ADHD from a holistic perspective! Join our January webinar series on ‘ADHD: Understanding its Approach in Homoeopathy’ led by
Dr. Abdequaem Chimthanawala
डॉ. अब्देकायम चिमथानावाला,
bringing 25+ years of Homoeopathy expertise. 🧠✨

🗓️ Dates: January 9th, 11th, 16th, & 18th
🕒 Time: 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
💡 Gain insights and strategies to approach ADHD differently.
💰 Fees: 1000/- for 4 enlightening sessions.
📞 Enroll now! Contact 90113 03171.

Unlock the power of holistic solutions for ADHD and embrace a comprehensive understanding. Don’t miss out! 

Recording available, WhatsApp now for the link +91-9011303171.


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